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look closely at the other side. of the. time headline this morning. the rights group says for criminal offenses dangerous precedent. for american nuclear test sites in the pacific may be about to contaminate the ocean is the warning from the u.n. we hear from a resident of the marsh. complete that portion of the radiation. a large amount was straight into the ocean. stream to the gas pipeline project. 50 percent of the construction work. we get
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a 1st time view from one of the vessels out there in the baltic sea. made the solid 5 point real far back to get the r.v. here right on board. with. those stories in small detail and 1st the 1st woman to serve. the term off to a controversial start international is planned to grant immunity for british veterans from prosecution and investigation for crimes committed while on active. it would be utterly disingenuous to have a presumption of non-prosecution for abuse yet at the same time claim justice is
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being served british soldiers who break the law must face just like everyone else these proposals potentially set a dangerous precedent. they have annoyed body isn't the only organization concerned about the proposal especially is pretty moderate wants to extend that cover to northern ireland to polly boyd has got the latest. the new boss in here has proposed a new law one that would presume soldiers innocent of any offenses committed throughout the course of june abroad more than 10 years ago although that rule could have exceptions for example if new evidence of alleged crimes were to come to light it is high time that we change the system and provide devide legal protections to make sure the decisions how service personnel take in the battlefield will not lead to repeated or unfair investigations down the line for the new defense secretary the new legislation is about making the system fairer and preventing what she called law fare repeated and unfair investigations against
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former soldiers this is not about preventing someone who's committed a crime from facing justice this is about stopping in industries that surrounds these processes which is not about the pursuit of justice i have the iraq historic allegations team spent 7 years trawling through allegations of murder torture wrongdoing at a cost of 60000000 pounds to the taxpayer none of the claims resulted in a prosecution and in 2016 the unit was shot down just because i competed 72 as you know or with the infantry or associated units i lost many men. and i was involved in fatality shootings i was investigated along with others. the investigations were. aggressive and bloody awful to go through
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so while former soldiers and members of the military say that the amnesty doesn't go far enough that it needs to include northern ireland to human rights groups are concerned that the government's desire to better protect its former and current servicemen and women will if. they actively place them above the law it's reported that there are around $150.00 investigations looking into alleged abuses by british soldiers in iraq and afghanistan the question is how the victims of those alleged abuses will ever get justice if these new proposals become law what they're trying to do is create an exemption from europe here human rights or for soldiers on the battlefield that's obviously really dangerous because obviously the back of the is one place where there's lots of very wonderful people civilians and armed people and others who might not be argue about who's human rights need to get those
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soldiers should have understood what they need to see a just system if you committed you resolutions you get punished if you haven't you don't so there shouldn't be a blanket amnesty or exemption for anyone anywhere the government couldn't find an easy way to say that we will now bring all of these victims back into the court. and it will be our intention from this. radioactive waste from a u.s. atomic bomb test site in the pacific ocean a media danger of leaking into the ocean according to the secretary general of the united nations there is a risk of leaking of radioactive materials that are contained in a kind of coffin in the area the consequences of nuclear tests have been quite dramatic in relation to health in relation to the poisoning of waters in some areas the nuclear tests were carried out from 12462958 far away from american territory in the marshall islands in the pacific ocean at the time there on the u.s. administration the tests included the most powerful detonation of an american
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hydrogen bomb which is about a 1000 times bigger than the atomic bomb dropped on the japanese city of a russian or many islanders were forcibly evacuated from their property and resettled but for those who remained of been some serious consequences. the cleanup of the entire at all was not complete that is just a course of the radiation that exist on the atmel a large amount was dumped straight into the ocean the entire at all is contaminated not simply dolman and the radiation affects us on a daily basis then we have many illnesses in our community personally as a mother earth and that lee impacts me because when my children get sick i i wonder is that something more than just a cold or flu that worry is constantly there the islanders they've always attempted to bring attention to the fact of what has happened and what continues to happen to any way which and including petitions to the u.n.
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court case. regarding environmental law and they are met with silence or the really impressing issues right now is concrete don't build back in the 1970 s. on one island has been used as a dumping ground for radioactive waste is now badly decayed it's 40 centimeters thick it's more than 100 meters across covering a crater 9 meters deep in fact that vast hole was created by the cactus nuclear weapons test back in 1958 it which way back to the cover was planned as a temporary fix but because the crux the worry is there could be no a leak of radioactive waste must been exacerbated by rising sea levels the craters never been lined the u.s. government report also warned of the risk several years ago too we spoke to former work of told us that people are suffering health problems related to that side. i'm nationalist to go to the marshall islands and we talk of so one of the ones where i believe all 40 atomic bombs were dropped and the fifty's and i think into the
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sixty's i will say in the forty's up to the sixty's to clean up everything. on the northern islands which were the most contaminated they said and we'd start wasn't examinate it the main island itself but yet it was it was supposed to take anywhere from $6.00 to $18.00 inches of snow all transported from whatever alan a call that going on to alan a run it place it and one of the bomb craters the blast great is that were created by comic downstairs and then eventually kept their greatest supposedly to contain it for ever they told us that we would not be exposed to any more radiation and have been maybe 2 or 3 x. rays a year which was a total lie there was no radiation study with. certain ones believe that and they would have the. big jug of europe roughly about $8000.00 men went
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there many of them have passed away since dan we're losing anywhere from $6.00 to $7.00 a year and that's a very liberal number we have the facts without georgian the government has no compensation for us. at all seem to project a gas pipeline that's intended to pump russian gas to europe by where the baltic sea is past important milestone the 50 percent of the construction work now completed we've got exclusive access to one of the vessels laying the pipeline there. of the sea somewhere in between in helsinki and st petersburg and i have a ballot to show you something that could cause a real scuffle between germany and its european coach and the us it is a real gas pipes to get to the ship.
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this is where that all seems to project is born right here. the heartbeat of the ship and such if you notice this gentleman controls the pieces the forms the kings the route. one makes the solitaire by quite facile real technological marvel and the fact that they get army here and right on the border. to fight thanks to our being protected oh well they have. just imagined you were real shopaholic you love going to all kinds of stores but
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then i hand out comes out what you do is you swipe look for the best thing push the button and your shipment is ready so probably you're going to change your shopping habits a little bit but wanted someone forces you not to do it this is probably not a perfect analogy but it does explain what's happening with the north st jude project if you will not supply any someone else will but in the end. we still would only get to show that he was. it's because we decided to have a guess where this project is low in washington they want american companies to sell liquefied natural gas to europe and send it there on ships and america has literally been bullying europe with all kinds of rights the american ambassador in germany put on precedent pressure on local companies sending out letters to them and just recently at raf bill has been opposed to the us senate suggesting that
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companies and individuals working on north stream could have their absence frozen and they could even receive travel bans to the us could i do but come to see if you do or don't and if so why do we all need guns. it has to come from somewhere when you hear these kind of things are you ever worried or do you ever think about it. to be honest i try not to think about it and we will be a place full of little. political view shouldn't really coming at the end of the day we've all got a job to do but no matter what there you have it what's probably going to be long is the getting string and the world is making its way into the seawater and the pace is ever quest 6 kilometers a day when this kind of performance the team is expecting the project will be complete by the end of this year. harley it's now much more
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difficult to tell fact from fiction in news and reporting in the us according to a new study by the rand think tank in america. so we end up in a situation where not only are we not sure what's true and what's not but we're not even really sure where to go to find that factual information that's cognitive bias and the way we process information we like to be right we seek out things that prove that we're right we disregard things that say that we're wrong technology changes fast and institutions change slow so schools haven't caught up in terms of providing students with the skills they need to be able to navigate that space and then finally polarization and we've alluded to it here several times in the political space but it's also important to think about social economic into our graphic polarization the report suggests them from one to the 2000000 to 2017 u.s. media has taken a gradual and subtle shift toward subjectivity and away from fox analysis says old line media in particular reflects a personal friends and subjective references it also claims to the t.v.
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news reporting is being replaced with opinion based shows led by pundits prize winning journalist chris hedges says the findings are accurate. i think on the cable news channels whether it's m.s.m. b. c. or c.n.n. or fox they've actually given up on journalism. and replaced it with. reality show. you know news programs newsprint at the same time has become so in the mic. and that real journalism in most major cities has withered away you take for instance philadelphia live an hour from philadelphia the philadelphia inquirer was once one of the great newspapers with its own foreign correspondents and it's all gone now and the internet is a kind of free for all where people are getting wise to into whatever particular political belief system or you know conspiracy theory that they happen to embrace
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their reinforce or if you look at the especially the electronic media the fact is interchangeable with opinion people believe whatever they want to believe. present a minor micron i said paris will not block the operation of chinese telecoms giant while i am france joining the chorus a country like the u.k. and germany then are also refusing to bow to u.s. pressure on it across comment comes hard on the heels of washington placing while they on a trade blacklist over lead security concerns at the charlotte events going to ports next to a technology conference in paris where the french president made that statement. 5 g. is seen as being critical to the development of the digital economy in the next decade one of the major players is china's huawei but its presence in the field is a contentious issue and something that could cause the tensions in the country make
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easy and the u.s. a warning well donald trump has just signed an executive order declaring a national economic emergency the u.s. president has empowered the government to ban the technology and services of foreign adversaries deemed to pose unacceptable risks to national security including from cyber espinosa and sabotage it may not mention whoa wait by name but it's clear who it's a dad's meanwhile in europe they seems to be a more open approach to the company the e.u. has demanded strict to security ahead of the rollout of 5 g. in a bid to protect privacy and business secrets but it seems that that may not be enough to satisfy the u.s. so what is huawei doing to try and ease the concerns over its technology were
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willing to sign no spy agreements with governments to commit ourselves to making our quitman meet the no spying no back doors standard so as the tech world cap is here in paris our worries at all say about huawei my opinion is that everybody is or is spying on us for our phones and computer so this is going to be an extent i don't know i don't think we can do anything about it really think it's pro-business same with. mobile phone a just so we don't just know the the different element of the older companies so i think it's the same so i'm not really scared we just have to be careful as you are going to respect to look tough. in france or in europe it would be ok australia and new zealand have already followed it from its lead despite assurances from walk away but with the stroke of a pen trump has seriously ramped up the pressure on european allies to follow suit
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and to ban the walk away from 5 g. networks although the dutch and the germans said they will stand steadfast hates the ban there was still a question over whether europe as a whole is prepared to truck traffic on the 4 lights if it decides the teacher lies with china charlotte you can ski all t. carries. update on the us army will supply chelsea manning she's back in prison after just a week after being released the ruling comes out a former soldier refused to testify before the grand jury on our contacts with wiki leaks again the case doesn't make sense it seems kind of bananas in comparison to the evidence that we that we got out i think i think it's going to be i think it's going to be a very much a return to the old conditions that i was in last week you matter what happens today whether i get into whether you know whether i am placed in confinement or not i'm not going to comply with this grand jury in march this year money was jailed
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for 2 months for refusing to answer the grand jury's questions of wiki leaks and its founder julian assange manning was 1st detained back in 2010 for sending thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks she was sentenced to 35 years behind bars but president obama made to reduce the term to 70 is former f.b.i. agent coleen rowley spoke to us about it believes the latest sentence against manning is unlawful. the current administration did not like the fact that the obama administration pardoned her so this would be in a legal you know punishment a 2nd punishment after already serving time or the case against julian assigned is just that week that they absolutely need chelsea manning's testimony in order to firm up those specious charges it's got to be one of the 2 things otherwise it makes no sense i have never heard of a jailing a witness this long she's already been jailed for $62.00 days for failure to talk
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to a grand jury and she is really putting out a very brave face in the face of this additional what i would think is illegal punishment to be this truck hony and. much more ahead this morning cleaning of it as well an embassy in the u.s. flush point an already fraught relations between the countries who report on more break. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. is donald trump's national security advisor john bolton a clear and present danger to america and the world is saber rattling in the middle east particularly against iran should concern us we are forced to ask a fundamental question is the primary architect of trumps policy. a good morning b. 2020 u.s. presidential election is already seeing a spike in the number of democratic candidates you get to challenge donald trump
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now new york city mayor bill de blasio has become the 23rd democrat to announce his campaign and it seems the party's focusing on divisions in us society rather than unity and it is kind of mopin explains. the way politics is supposed to work candidates are expected to win the hearts and minds of voters by promising ways that they can fix up the country's problems and pointing the way forward for america however in 2019 it seems that a lot of candidates are arguing rather that who they are in terms of age race and gender is more important than any policy proposals i think we need to articulate the values or philosophical commitments and then develop policies off of that joe biden and bernie sanders both of them elderly white men are the 2 top candidates for the democratic nomination in the year of $20.20 now regardless of their policies that fact alone has got top democrats crying sexism i think is just gender bias i think people are genuinely biased against women i think. young women do just
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by it's real and it exists but you have to overcome it's a female candidate amy clover shar has been accused of being too harsh stories of her mistreating her former staff members and creating a harsh work environment of found their way into the press now her supporters say that is not a legit concern that sexism and a coalition of women's groups has stepped up to say that the media's coverage of the 2020 race is the latest in sexism and gender bias now it's important to note that hillary clinton made similar arguments back in 2016 i haven't been shouting but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it's shouting democrats have been quibbling about the importance of women and minorities to counter trends so-called white identity trump has perfected white i didn't do politics the republican party is increasingly a white identity politics party in today's america why come up with complex policy
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proposals when you can simply run on the basis of what you were born asked and why defend yourself with logical arguments when you can simply decry europe. conan as being a big hit in today's america it seems that identity politics is a new reality as the country shapes up for the next election although i didn't see policies come from the left because that's what they've been changing their campaigns on for the past few years they're creating division all to try and get certain people who believe the same way they do last summer 2016 there was no so-called person of color on a democrat is a huge battle over who's going to be the actual came to date there's going to be some identity politics going on there if joe biden is successful people may say oh where you have a woman over here a black person over here in person over a year while we're there liked it and then if a person is not a straight white male becomes the nominee then the problem will be if they
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lose it was because they are of disparate people it is particular identities. but as well i'm president nicolas maduro is condemned the detention of 4 activists who were arrested after staging a sit in at the even as well an embassy in washington the protests were against the expulsion of materials diplomats last month and u.s. interference more generally in the south american country own police raided the embassy then on thursday morning venezuela didn't give permission for that and so the police operation says it breaks international law according to in this way back to the space being 3 weeks ago the embassy preventing officials of self declared interim president one point though from entering it as well as potent representative to the united nations says that it's the police so the trust us is then and only activist. then it's possibly coals. we are for all folly sation i mean the public of an aside the
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only. footies of this sort out which is the government oppressed in my little weed. also i send them to state that so they're not trespassing that's the 1st thing. and. the local police and the secret service when they. broke into the right were in. private they actually were breaking the vehicle bank showing that i should allow the child to ask. the police the local police and all of the pacifists the activists again the attention of some pretty prominent figures to a wednesday civil rights figure had jesse jackson arrived at the embassy to give food to the protesters came up reports suggested authorities were preventing supplies from reaching them just jokes and charitable act was then criticized by the why do appointed ambassador to the us of accused him of supporting human rights
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violators reverend jackson explained to us direct why he decided to help the protest. because a murderer could oh and that was not right but. in this case no one wins. and is counted and does a room of reconciles. remains to be a credible convening the us cannot do it alone and replacing one government for another train is not an answer for democracy it is business and there's a lot of then a movement. in international law and human rights and certain terminations within those for most people most protests that that's why things checking out so far this morning from mosco i'm kevin i thanks for watching and have a great friday. this
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is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the street. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be the. shock shock as far as a side deal that we don't know she'll share just from. the end of this trial unfortunately you 2 will still love no chill just.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. hello and welcome to cross top where all things considered i'm peter lavelle is donald trump's national security advisor john bolton a clear and present danger to america and the world is saber rattling in the middle east particularly against iran should concern us we are forced to ask
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a fundamental question is colton the primary architect of trump's foreign policy. cross talking john bolton i'm joined by my guest brian becker in washington he's the director of the answer coalition as well as host of loud and clear daily new show on radio sputnik also in washington we have gareth porter he's an independent investigative journalist and historian as well as author of manufactured crisis the untold story of the iran nuclear scare and in boston we cross to max abrams he's a professor at northeastern university as well as author of the new book rules for rebels the science of victory in militant history brilliant title all right cross talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate brian i called john bolton a clear and present threat to the united states in the world would you concur.

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